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Chiefs Depth Chart: Tough Decisions On The Defensive Line

The Kansas City Chiefs released their first unofficial depth chart of the year this week and we've been scouring it for potential position battles and other interesting developments. We've already looked at the offense, which you can read about here.

Now it's time for the defense, specifically the defensive line.

It's an interesting group for the Chiefs this year with a couple of key players gone (like Shaun Smith) and a couple of key additions (like Kelly Gregg).

Here's what the Chiefs defensive line depth chart currently looks like:

LDE: Tyson Jackson, Allen Bailey, Amon Gordon

NT: Kelly Gregg, Anthony Toribio, Jerrell Powe

RDE: Glenn Dorsey, Wallace Gilberry, Dion Gales, Brandon Bair

This group, I think, is pretty well-decided. We're going to see Gregg and Dorsey out there as well as Jackson. I can't see the Chiefs cutting ties with the draft picks, Bailey and Powe, and I don't think either is safe on the practice squad. I also see the Chiefs keeping Gilberry.

That's six spots already taken up which could be the entire depth chart. There are a couple of interesting guys out there, especially Toribio, who was with the team last year, and Bair, who is a highly-touted undrafted free agent. If there is another spot on the team, or a practice squad spot, I'd start with those two.

I can see why this is a hard job for the Chiefs. I want to keep Toribio and Bair but I'm not sure there's a spot for them, and I'm not sure Bair would be safe on the practice squad.

Decisions,'s my prediction on the defensive line depth chart:

LDE: Tyson Jackson, Allen Bailey

NT: Kelly Gregg, Jerrell Powe

RDE: Glenn Dorsey, Wallace Gilberry

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