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Chiefs' Casey Wiegmann 'Probably' Won't Suit Up Vs. Bucs

We have out first hint as to how much the Kansas City Chiefs veterans will be playing. Danni Boatwright, who won the TV show 'Survivor' a few years back, was on WIBW in Topeka talking about a few things including her husband, Chiefs C Casey Wiegmann.

One thing she said caught my eye -- Wiegmann "probably" won't suit up in Friday's preseason opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She cited the lack of practice time as the reason.

Wiegmann is a long-time veteran so he doesn't need the preseason as much as some of these other guys but I do wonder if this is a hint of what's to come with veterans playing (or not playing) on Friday night. Players that signed new deals were not allowed to practice until Aug. 4 so more than a few Chiefs will have had less than a week of practice to prepare for Friday's game.

We usually have a general idea of how much the starters will play during the preseason --- a little bit in Week 1, little more in Week 2, maybe the first half or so in Week 3 and a series or two in Week 4 -- but with the training camp schedule being delayed this year we're not sure how it'll all work out.

Check out the full video with some Survivor talk sprinkled in with Chiefs talk (and in the same video I learned I went to high school with the WIBW meteorologist).

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