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Chiefs Make It Official With LB Brandon Siler

Reports came out on Sunday evening that the Kansas City Chiefs had signed former San Diego Chargers LB Brandon Siler. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was a few minutes late to his appearance on the Border Patrol this morning because Siler was inking his contract so now it's a done deal -- Siler is a Chief.

Siler will be competing with LB Jovan Belcher but his arrival doesn't necessarily signal the end of Belcher. Pioli said on 810 WHB this morning that the signing of one player isn't necessarily an indictment on the guy already in-house.

"Just because we bring in players to compete that's not necessarily an indictment on the other players, or the player that's there," Pioli said. "What you want to do is, at the end of the day, you have 53 players on the roster, you want 36 through 53, the "back-up" players, or the next player in line, to be just as good was the players ahead of him."

That said, we can now add inside linebacker to our training camp battles. At the very least, the Chiefs will have some depth that includes experienced players.

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