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Scott Pioli Talks Kansas City Chiefs In Free Agency

Well, well, well. I noted this morning that I was scheduled to be on 810 WHB's Border Patrol after GM Scott Pioli this morning but the Kansas City Chiefs GM was running a little late so...I was bumped. Yep, it's a first -- bumped for Scott Pioli. Somehow, I think the fans will survive.

Pioli hit on a number of interesting topics, two in particular.

First, he says the Chiefs had discussions with NT Ron Edwards and DE Shaun Smith before both players left in free agency. "We approached both players and their agents and tried to get some things done and it doesn't always work out," he said. "There are a lot of people we pursue but it takes two sides to have an agreement." So it sounds like the Chiefs probably got out-bid. Considering they have the money available, it must be a sign that neither player was a major priority.

Second, he won't talk about LB Justin Houston and LB Tamba Hali, both of whom aren't in camp yet. "I don't know what to expect," he says of both players' absence. "The way we feel is we want to talk about the players that are here. Neither one of them are here right now and when there's something to report on either one we'll let you know." This is consistent with their policy of not talking about the guys that aren't there. Hali has yet to sign his franchise tender so he can't practice until Aug. 4 even if he did and there's no word on why Houston hasn't signed.

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