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Patriots OT Matt Light Now Off The Market

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The Kansas City Chiefs have filled a couple of holes on the free agency market signing WR Steve Breaston, NT Kelly Gregg and, reportedly, LB Brandon Siler. There's one more perceived hole on the team that the Chiefs could be interested in addressing -- right tackle.

OT Barry Richardson is a restricted free agent who has yet to sign his tender so technically he's not part of the team right now. The Chiefs own his rights and there are no indications that he won't sign his tender at some point.

OT Jammal Brown, who recently re-signed with the Washington Redskins, told the Washington Times that the Chiefs were one of the teams who showed interest in him. That suggests to us that offensive tackle is an area they're looking to upgrade.

That brings us to OT Matt Light. I've argued that he makes a lot of sense for the Chiefs but my argument no longer matters -- he re-upped with the New England Patriots on a two-year deal.

So where do the Chiefs stand on the offensive tackle market? Who else is out there? At this point, the guys that are available have been passed over by teams for nearly a week so if they bring someone in that's something to keep in mind.

(H/T TRSChief)