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Chiefs' Bill Muir Meets The Media

Bill Muir is entering his second season as a Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach and I can count on one hand the number of times he's talked to the media. One of those times came on Sunday and I can report back that Muir is witty and comes with some nice soundbites.

I've collected a few quotes from his media time yesterday so check it out below.

"In a nutshell, I'm organizing the offense." He said he doesn't yet know who the offensive playcaller will be but that in general his role is to organize the offense throughout the week. Someone else may call the plays but the skeleton of the game plan each week would come from him.

"I spent several years on the defensive side of the ball. They call that the dark side, by the way." Sort of like Oakland I guess.
"It's genes. He has two kids and if I were a college coach I'd offer them a scholarship." I shared this quote yesterday but a great quote about Casey Wiegmann and how he's still effective at age 37. 

"Just like rookie players, I don't like rookie coaches." Earlier in the day Haley had talked about working with Muir in New York when he was just a young pup himself. He says Muir would get on his case occasionally keeping him busy and this quote, which came with a smile, tells us why.

"We did a lot of studying of the people we will play." Muir says from the standpoint of watching film and preparing for opponents the lockout gave them some extra time this year but it's no replacement for actually talking to their players. That said, they were able to watch film on all their opponents to prepare for the season. He even said they ended up tweaking the offense a little bit after watching film on others.

"Versatility, expertise and gives us a third receiver whose done that." Talking about Steve Breaston and his role. Right after he said that, a reporter said, 'Does that mean Jonathan Baldwin is your No. 2?' and Muir was quick to shoot that down saying he didn't say that. 

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