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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/9

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Good morning. Looks like Vrabel is headed to Ohio State, Bowe is coaching too, and LJ's tweet lives on in infamy. Enjoy your Kansas City Chiefs news.

Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City reports that free agent Mike Vrabel will retire to accept an assistant coaching job at Ohio State

Report: Vrabel Accepts College Coaching Job from NBC Sports

One of the things that lifted pro football into the position of America’s past-time was the passion around the game. The owners’ lockout for the last four months seems to have snuffed that flame. It’s probably only temporary, but if I’m the NFL there’s got to be concern about how quietly the labor situation has been greeted by those passionate fans. The general attitude I’ve heard in the last few days is "wake me when it’s over."

It should be over next week. It will be interesting to see how quickly the flame is re-ignited.

On to the e-mail, comments and questions.

Answer Bob - 7/8 from Bob Gretz

Free agent Kansas City linebacker Mike Vrabel is close to becoming an assistant coach at Ohio State, College Football Talk reported Thursday.

This move makes sense in some regards. He attended Ohio State and one of Vrabel's best friends is new Buckeyes coach Luke Fickell. The 35-year-old Vrabel is also nearing the end of his career. However, Vrabel has said he wants to play in 2011 and he is heavily involved in the lockout talks as a NFLPA executive committee member.

But if Vrabel's career is at an end, I wanted to look at how it would affect the Chiefs:

Vrabel had a Good Run in K.C. if this is the End from ESPN
As Berry is seen punishing offensive players and also going through a series of stress tests, a voiceover offers, "Six-point-nine is a breakthrough . . . is a physics lesson . . . is the outer limits . . . is explosive . . . is ounces, and that makes this the lightest [football cleat] ever." At one point, a faux scientist watching Berry in action says, "Uh-oh. He just got faster."

During NFL Lockout, Eric Berry Gets a Job in Shoe Business from The Big Lead

At this point in the NFL off-off-season (where even the inactivity has been delayed by the lockout), it's easy to get caught up in any rumor whatsoever -- applying any player's name and questioning whether every team in the NFL could possibly be attached to them. Most of them make no sense at all, and perhaps even the question posed in the headline -- whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs could possibly be interested in Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor -- feels like such a leap. But I would beg to differ.

Could Chiefs Aim for Terrell Pryor as Wideout in NFL Supplemental Draft? from SB Nation Kansas City

NFL stars Josh Freeman of Agholor's local team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kansas City Chiefs wideout Dwayne Bowe were the honorary coaches of "Team Alpha Talon." The 7-on-7 setting provided the players they picked a chance to spread the field and allow players such as Agholor to go up and make plays.

The Opening Day Three Notebook: PAds on 7-on-7 from CBS Sports

Mangum has looked good throughout the entire event. After his strong showing at Thursday's Nike Football Training Camp, his accurate passes helped Team Vapor Carbon finish 3-0 on Friday during the first rounds of the 7on tournament.

He drew major praise from Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro receiver Dwayne Bowe, who stood on the sideline and watched Mangum shred the team he was coaching for touchdown after touchdown.

"That quarterback's good, man," Bowe said. "That quarterback's good."

Tanner Magnum Making a Name for Himself from ESPN

Surrounded by the likes of Clay Matthews Sr., Clay Matthews Jr., Casey Matthews, Stan Morrison, Dave Levy, Mike Haynes, Christian Okoye, John Robinson, Jim Tunney, Matt Willig, Ron Yary, John Ireland and Newport Beach sports agent and Daily Pilot columnist Leigh Steinberg, Salata told the packed ballroom, "There are so many people here, and most of you are paid up."

At his side was Mr. Irrelevant, Ozougwu, whose Nigerian name translates as "Remember God."

Christian Okoye, also of Nigerian descent, who played with the Kansas City Chiefs, turned to Cheta and said, "God gave you the talent … make use of it."

The Crowd: The Story of the American Dream from The Daily Pilot

But the all-time most expensive sports tweet? That would go to Larry Johnson, former Kansas City Chiefs running back, who was suspended one game, at a cost of $213,000, for gay slurs he directed at a Twitter heckler.

OMG! Social Media Fails from FOX Business

Matt Cassel’s story could almost be made up. After being drafted by the Patriots in the seventh round—watching many quarterbacks being taken before him, as Tom Brady and newbie Ryan Mallett have done---Cassel made noise in New England. When given an opportunity, he made good use of it and the Kansas City Chiefs took notice, who traded for the quarterback in 2009. In two seasons as the main signal-caller in Missouri, he has averaged a 81.5 percent completion rate passing.

Where Are They Now: USC Football Alum (Pt. 2) from SCPlaybook’s Pat Kirwan ranks Carman-Ainsworth graduate Brandon Carr the 18th-best cornerback in the league.

Carr, heading into his fourth season with the Kansas City Chiefs, has 192 total tackles, 50 passes defended and four interceptions in 48 career games. The former Grand Valley State standout was taken in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Flint Carmen-Ainsworth Graduate Brandon Carr 18th-best Cornerback in NFL from The Flint Journal

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