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VIDEO: Matt Cassel Teams Up With Kenny Powers

Holy crap. Matt Cassel is in a hilarious commercial with...Kenny Powers!

Indeed, the Kansas City Chiefs QB teamed up with the world's greatest baseball player, Kenny Powers, to create the video above for K-Swiss and the result is laugh-out-loud funny stuff. Seriously.

Last week I was surprised to see so many readers vote in our poll that Peyton 'I'll do any commercial' Manning is actually funny. Well, I've got news for you -- Cassel is pretty damn funny himself.

Just watch the video. It's really, really good. If you're at work and can't watch it this minute then go to the bathroom with your cell phone here are a few of Cassel's lines but you have to watch it to get the full effect:

-"Hi I'm Matt Cassel, NFL Quarterback and new CMO [Chief Marketing Officer] of K-Swiss."

-"K-Swiss shoes, shut up and buy them."

-"I'm constantly intimidated by Kenny's arm. There's not many men that can fire a 98 mile-per-hour fastball. Maybe it's 101, I don't know, but he talks about it all the time."

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