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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

I hope that everyone had a great and safe 4th of July weekend.  I got to spend much needed time with some family.  My daughter of course was the center of attention and demanded it well.  On the way home she called the fireworks bubbles as she was watching them from her car seat.  I got a little sunburn but nothing too serious.  Did you guys have fun?

Not a whole lot this week in terms of Chiefs news.  However, there were a lot of good fanposts and fanshots posted.  I had a pretty tough time picking out the picks of the week.  If you were too busy this last week then follow along.  Hopefully, next week my biggest story can include that the lockout is over.

Five Biggest Stories

1. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Makes An Appearance At CCVI

These stories are just amazing in every way.  I wish that ever week I could have a story like this to comment about.  Cassel continues to impress me with everything he does.  I honestly believe he can lead this team to a playoff victory and more this coming year.  Just this last year he mad so much progress right in front of our eyes.  He is showing he really does have what it takes to be the leader on our team.

2. Kansas City Chiefs Priority List Once NFL Lockout Ends

I agree with everything that Joel stated in his list.  We have to take care of our own first but also not letting the key free agents slip out of our grasps.  There will be a ton to do once the lockout is over.  I just hope that the Chiefs don't miss anything.  Also, Joel's list is a lot better than Looney's.

3. Ranking the AFC West Defensive Backs

There are a couple things that can be debated about on this list but I'll take three of our players in the top ten any day.  Champ Bailey is getting older but he did shut down Bowe and a lot of others last year.  I still would take Flowers over him as of right now.  I love where Berry is listed and Carr's spot is decent.  It amazes me how loaded we are at defensive back.

4. Priest Holmes Says Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles’ Play Is ‘Remarkable’

Priest is one of my all time favorite Chiefs' players.  Charles is one of my current favorites.  I'm glad that one of our best players in team history comments about our team now.  It shows that he is still proud to have worn a Chiefs' uniform.  I'm pretty sure that most people honestly would say that Charle's play is 'remarkable' though.

5. Chiefs Free Agency: These Four Guys Need To Stay

Wow, another story that I actually agree with Joel on.  Edwards does need to stay at least another year for some of our players to develop and if anything else--depth.  Smith also needs to stay for the same reason and also for his amazing touchdown ability.  Cooper is great on special teams and can still be worked with in regards of pass catching.  Weigmann also needs to stay for depth on our offensive line.

In Case You Missed It...

1. For the Casual Fan

This is a great post by MNchiefsfan.  There were over 100 comments so I doubt that many of you missed this.  I am a pretty hardcore fan so It grinds my gears that someone can be casual.  However, I then realize at least they do like the Chiefs and support the team.  There are real enemies like the Raiders to hate upon.  Thanks for the great post MN!

2. The Chiefs… The Movie

This is another good post and this one is by BigRedChief.  This is a fun thing to try and do and I nailed a few of our players.  Jake Gyllenhaal I agree is a perfect casting for Matt Cassel.  My wife doesn't mind that much either.  As perfect as that is no one beats out Matthew Perry for Damon Huard.

Fanpost Of The Week

Chiefs 2011 Preview by wustl_chiefs_fan

There were a lot of good fanposts this week but wustl wins on effort alone.  I am a big stats guy and I'm glad that I got to read this.  I agree that 8 wins is a big possibility and the playoffs look pretty good.  I am a bigger homer than that so I'm going to say 11 wins and a playoff win.

Fanshot Of The Week

Bowe Show IV by bfett81

This video is what I'm talking about!  I love highlights especially ones of our core players.  Bowe just amazes me with his big catches year after year.  I have a feeling that he will have more yards, yards per catch, and passes caught this year.  I think the touchdowns will be hard to beat though especially since we have Baldwin on the other side now.

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