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VIDEO: Get Out Of Your Break Just Like Eric Berry

Now for our second Eric Berry video of the day...

So you're looking to play safety just like Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry

He's got a few tips for you on things he's learned in the NFL, mainly how to get out of your break. The video after the jump demonstrates Berry's "tap, tap" two-step to get out of his break rather than a couple other techniques coaches have taught him over the years.

Here's what Berry said about his two-step break (via Arrowheadlines and STACK):
Me and my roommate, Art Evans, came up with it. "Tap-Tap," as we would call it. We had a lot of different coaches coming through Tennessee. Some coaches were telling us to T-Plant, some were telling us to bicycle. We were like, "forget it," we're going to make our own, and we came up with the Tap-Tap. It's basically just two steps and when you come out of your break, you don't plant off one foot, you plant off two. I found that helped coming out of your break faster than the T-Plant or bicycle.

Check out the video demonstration after the jump. [Warning: Video plays automatically when you make the jump so turn the sound down if your boss can hear you.]

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