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Priest Holmes Says Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles' Play Is 'Remarkable'

Count former Kansas City Chief Priest Holmes as one of the folks whose impressed with Jamaal Charles. Holmes, who had a string of some of the most productive years in NFL history, talked to Danny Parkins on 610 Sports on Thursday morning and said Charles' run with the Chiefs right now is "remarkable".

"He's a cut from the old fabric from the University of Texas so there's a lot that was put into him as he's grown up there in the state of Texas due to the fact that running back tradition is very, very big in the state of Texas," Holmes said (full audio here).

"What he's doing now for the Kansas City Chiefs is remarkable. The speed, the ability to go the distance, the way he can hit the seam and take it 80 yards on just about any carry is something that's really big.

"Something I think that made Jamaal a very good player last year and the season before that is that he had the ability to have Thomas [Jones], a veteran running back there, to be able to take a lot of the brunt, a lot of the third down positions, and allow Jamaal to be a young, charismatic runner and allow him to have fun. We saw last year he almost lead the league in rushing and that was a great opportunity but Arian Foster had an opportunity to hold onto that record.

"Fortunately, Jamaal will have an opportunity if there is a season."

High praise from a player whose been there and done that. One area where Charles currently has nothing on Priest is rushing touchdowns. Holmes was a TD machine scoring over 50 touchdowns in 2002 and 2003 alone. Charles is young enough and dynamic enough to become the Chiefs all-time rushing leader but he has a ways to go in order to top Priest's touchdown record -- 68 more to go to be precise.

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