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No Football In 2011 Would Be Like....

So I woke up this morning with the usual holiday weekend hangover and not wanting to get up and re-enter the real world where it's not acceptable to shoot exploding firecrackers into the air and drink beer all day. (Side note: My Fourth of July went great.)

Ms. Primetime and I had a barbecue with our friends and a number of the guys (and girls) there asked me the same thing: Are we going to have football this year? My response is always the same: Yes, we will. I can't say that I know that for sure but I don't want to see their reactions if I say no.

I started to think last night what it would be like to actually not have football. The answer, I think, is it would feel similar to the first day back to work after a holiday weekend. This is what no football would feel like.

Luckily, it appears we're on the track to get something done. Sure, things can still happen, lawyers can enter the room and the whole thing can be blown up, but both sides lose something if games are compromised. And this isn't the NBA where the system is completely screwed up and not making anyone money.

So there's my analogy for the day. No football in 2011 would be like a constant Monday morning (or Tuesday in this case) after a holiday weekend.

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