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San Diego Point Of View On LB Brandon Siler

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Over the weekend the Kansas City Chiefs signed former Baltimore Ravens NT Kelly Gregg so we had a post on Gregg from a Baltimore point of view

Today, we do the same with former San Diego Chargers LB Brandon Siler, who has reportedly agreed to terms with the Chiefs. John from SB Nation's Bolts From The Blue has hooked us up with a little more on Siler. 

"The Chargers and me have never seen eye-to-eye on Brandon Siler. For some reason, whenever Brandon was pushed into a starter's role (due to injury), the team seemed eager to get him off the field and back on the bench. The Chargers showed the same lack of interest in him when he became a restricted free agent, which is why he's now on the Chiefs. Theories as to why Siler was regarded so lowly by the team include a lack of intensity at practice, and the idea that he's a one-dimensional player (a run-stopper).

"When Siler was called into starting duty, I thought he played very well. He is obviously a strong, downhill linebacker that does not get pushed off of his spot and can be a force at stopping the run. For this reason, Siler was almost always in on the Chargers goal line packages. In terms of coverage, I thought he did well at defending running backs but struggled against tight ends and wide receivers. He's also not the best zone coverage linebacker you'll ever find."

I've read from a few places that he's likely to come out of the game on obvious passing downs and could be more of a run-stuffer so that'll be something to keep in mind. Sounds like a young guy who never really broke out. We'll see what Romeo Crennel has for him.

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