Analyzing what's left of the OT market

News just came out that the Chiefs were in consideration for OT Jammal Brown, who eventually resigned with the Redskins. No surprise that the Chiefs are looking for an OT, but I'm sure Brown wasn't on most fan's radar. We've seen many FA OT's leave the market, with most of them being resigned by their 2010 teams. Let's look at the Top 5 who are left and if there's a chance Pioli brings one of these guys to KC. (Information supplied by


  1. Matt Light, OT, Patriots. Age: 33
    Matt Light can still be a dependable left tackle, but he's past his prime. He struggled on a few occasions this season, surrendering seven sacks.

  2. Sean Locklear, OT, Seahawks. Age: 30
    Sean Locklear is pretty abysmal when it comes to opening up lanes for running backs, but he does a really good job in pass protection. He surrendered only five sacks in 2010 (including the playoffs). 
  3. Ryan Harris, OT, Broncos. Age: 26
    A young, decent, zone-blocking right tackle, Ryan Harris struggled in Josh McDaniels' new offense. Harris will probably be heavily pursued this spring, though he's been injured a lot in the past two years.
  4. Max Starks, OT, Steelers. Age: 29
    Max Starks is a starting-quality left tackle. Well, he was before he ballooned up to 400 pounds. Starks lost his job because he wasn't able to work out after suffering a neck injury.
  5. Nick Kaczur, OT, Patriots. Age: 32
    Nick Kaczur played well at right tackle for New England in 2009, but missed all of 2010 with a back injury. It's unclear if he can still be a starter in this league.

So what does everyone think? I know the general consensus is that we should sign Ryan Harris because he "appears" to fit the scheme within our offense. If that were so, though, why has Pioli not jumped all over this guy? Would you feel comfortable with Barry Richardson and Ryan O'Callaghan fighting it out for the RT spot? Just my opinion, I would love to see us sign Matt Light somehow, away from the Patriots. Just like Kelly Gregg, Light is a stopgap, but provides us with a mentor for Richardson, and is still an upgrade over what we have at this time.

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