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Chiefs' Todd Haley Talks Steve Breaston For First Time

The Kansas City Chiefs came to an agreement with WR Steve Breaston last Wednesday but the team couldn't officially announce it until Friday night. That means we didn't hear Todd Haley talking about the Breaston addition until Saturday, the first time he spoke after it became official.

So if you were wondering, here's what Haley said on Breaston (video at

"I think with Steve, first and foremost, he's just a really good young man.

"He's our kind of football player, tough guy from the mean streets of Pittsburgh - another western PA guy - but when you have experience with a guy, especially in these circumstances where you don't have a lot of time with some of these guys to get to know them and know exactly on the character/makeup side, when there's some familiarity in the mix, positive familiarity, I think is a real good thing and that definitely worked to Steve's advantage.

"We spent a couple years together. He's obviously a good young player that's played a lot that's had some success, made a lot of big plays while I was in Arizona as a punt returner and as a receiver, he was one of the three that had 1,000 (yards) in 2008 when (Anquan) Boldin was hurt for some of the second half of the season, he stepped in and did a great job.

"He's a good receiver; he's really developed into a good receiver. He has speed, he's a vertical threat without a doubt, he's tough, I think he's got great versatility and like I said, that along with the makeup side of him I think hopefully we'll be able to get him integrated into the team and he'll be a part of what we're doing."

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