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Too Early To Judge Chiefs Rookies, Todd Haley Says

While writing my practice report after Saturday's Kansas City Chiefs training camp practice I realized that we don't know much about the Chiefs newcomers yet. Folks are asking how the rookies look and whether any undrafted guys have a shot at making the roster but, honestly, that's tough to answer right now.

The truth is that it's way too early to tell, especially with the Chiefs running glorified walk-throughs. The team isn't going full-speed and they're not in full pads so it's very difficult to say a particular player looks really good or really bad. We can tell if they're in shape or not but there just isn't much to go on right now as far as football work.

As Todd Haley explained on Saturday morning, it's not so much about football right now as it is conditioning.

"It's just really too early," Haley said (via when asked to judge the rookies.

The Chiefs have former defensive end Bobby Greenwood lining up on the first team right tackle. Daryl Harris is lining up at center -- he's a guard, by the way. It's just way too early to be making any major judgments on these guys, especially the hodgepodge offensive line.

"The level I'm trying to evaluate them on right now is pretty simplistic," Haley said. "what kind of condition are they in, what have they been doing, what do they need and then does he know what to do, does he understand what we're trying to coach them to do, and that's going to take some time."

For the most part, the players look in shape. I noticed a couple of Chiefs huffin' and puffin' after some running drills but no significant issues.

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