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'Bit Of A Surprise' Ryan Lilja Moved To Left Guard


Last year the Kansas City Chiefs had Brian Waters at the left guard position and Ryan Lilja at the right guard position. With the release of Waters this season, Lilja has been featured in camp the last two days over on the left side and Jon Asamoah is running on the right side.

"It was a bit of a surprise but it's my job to play wherever they want me to," Lilja said after practice on Saturday.

Indeed, it was a surprise. The Chiefs didn't go all offseason planning to release Waters so shifting Lilja back to the left side is something that was decided only recently. It's the same side he played on while with the Indianapolis Colts so it's not foreign by any means.

The difference between left and right guard, Lilja says, is pretty much what you think it is -- everything is the same, but on the other side now. "How you stagger your feet, your balance and's just flip-flopped," he said.

So for now, that's the way they're lining up.

Key words: for now. Todd Haley indicated these guys may be moving around for a little bit. The first team offensive line at Saturday's practice had Bobby Greenwood on the first team at right tackle and Daryl Harris at center so clearly this isn't the final version of what the Chiefs offensive line will look like.

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