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Thank The Football Gods For Actual Football

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Well.... Preseason football, but it is Kansas City Chiefs NFL Preseason Football in just a few more days.  What a joyous sight, it wasn't long a go we were reading and speculating about how there may not even be a NFL season at all.  

Goodbye NFL Lockout, see you in ten years.  I think I can speak for almost everyone, when I say that we hated your face...

Now, it has been back to the NFL with quickness lately.  This has been one of the most exciting couple weeks in the NFL that I can remember.  I mean, people were tweaked on Twitter for hours at a time, just to find out which UDFA the Chiefs were going to sign this season.  SB Nation and Arrowhead Pride have been breaking page view records like every day for the past couple weeks. Just ask Chris Thorman, and he will be happy to tell you all about this wonderful news.

As fans of AP, we eat it all up and cheer them on, I have no idea how many times H2E has had to use his patented, "Joel is so dreamy." comment lately, but even he would have to admit that the last couple weeks has been pretty intense around here, and so much agonizing fun.

Personally, I have only started using Twitter just within the last couple weeks, and I have to say it adds a whole new element to this amazing new period in the NFL (they really should do this every year with FA.)  I love getting the news so fast, I remember being so excited when the Chiefs came across the wire with Demond Washington as their first possible UDFA signed.  It was great because it was actually Chiefs football news.  I tried so hard to be the first to put up any info of the guy, even though I knew absolutely nothing about him at all.  It was instant football news about the Kansas City Chiefs, and it was awesomely exhilarating after the lockout had been so barren of any football news.

With Steve Breaston it was even better, I starred at my computer and phone all day waiting for the news, and the second I watched Jim Trotter put his Tweet out there "on blast", I tried to make a Fan Shot about it.  Heck, AP was so bogged down at the time, I didn't even think it posted, so I made another one, and had to have it deleted. It was truly an exciting moment for me in Chiefs history, and I now feel like an idiot for ignoring Twitter for this long (though other than for sports, I don't know why I would use it.)  It has made this time in NFL so much fun, but it is also excruciating at the same time, like watching a microwave count down the seconds when you are starving.  

When I read new tweets when they pop up, and they aren't about Chiefs signings, it makes me want to rip my hair out. Earlier this summer Joel Thorman posted this FanShot about Ashton Kutcher. "Proud to welcome @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) as our latest @sbnation advisor. A sports and gadget fan with great ideas."

At the time it only slightly peaked my interests and I posted the following:

Do you know if this will be bring a format shift to SBNation?

Or maybe some interesting Droid applications that may spread to Arrowhead Pride.

Ashton Kutcher’s personal quirks aside. Exposure is exposure, and SBNation deserves more national exposure, along with Arrowhead Pride in particular. The best sporting blog period.

Though if it brings about any format changes, it will be interesting to see them develop.

I ask, because he has to be advising something, correct?

With the way Twitter has enhanced this crazy Free Agency, now my interest is sky high in this given Kutcher's involvement with Twitter, and since I didn't hear from Joel or Chris on my question in that post, I figured I would ask again.  Also, I would love to know what the AP faithful think about this now, because I know I wasn't the only one following Twitter (If you do not use Twitter, I encourage it, if for nothing else other then reading Chris Thorman's tweets... unparalleled!) during all of this awesomeness the past couple weeks.

All of that said.  Who is excited about the Kansas City Chiefs?

My imagination is going crazy, my heart is thumping, my blinders are on tighter than ever. I am doing back flips in my head and cartwheels in my sleep.  My eyes are bloody from watching the computer screen so much, and my fingers are sore from all of the comments I have made on AP lately.


Are you kidding me?  The Kansas City Chiefs have Steve Breaston on their Offense NOW! 

All of the draft picks are signed except for Justin Houston.  Obligatory Houston we have a problem mention.

The Chiefs signed Kelly Gregg after he was released from the vaunted Baltimore Ravens 3-4 Defense.

For the first time since the last millennium, Brian Waters will not be a Chief after being released, which pretty much ripped my heart out.  Brian Waters was a truly great Kansas City Chief.

Training camp is in full swing, and we have read some great reports.  Including this outstanding report from AP Fan woahdog.


Follow me and let's talk some Chiefs Football...  I can't get enough, can you? 

First off, I know that the Chiefs haven't signed Aubrayo Franklin, yet.  Also, the last couple days have been crazy for me due to some out of town family issues.  So before everyone in the house went to sleep tonight, I decided to stay up late and get my Chiefs writing fix.  I managed to get in a few moments here and there reading Arrowhead Pride (way less then normal) throughout the day.  In that time, I noticed Joel's Aubrayo Franklin article and MNChiefsfan's amazing Chiefs breakdown, definitely give it a read if you haven't already.

Tonight I just had to put aside my family stuff for a few hours, so that I can talk to what I feel like is my other huge family, Arrowhead Pride.  Because both of those pieces, along with woahdog's really fired me up even more, and made me feel like I needed to step my Fan Post game up.

Irregardless of Joel's words (which were very reminiscent of Primetime's) I still feel like there is strong possibility that the Chiefs will announce Aubrayo Franklin signing with the Kansas City Chiefs, but I live in dream world where the Chiefs are bouncing around with girls on trampolines with their future dynasty Lombardi Trophies, so what do I know.  The one thing that throws me off of his trail besides Joel's article, is what Josh Looney wrote about the Chiefs signing Kelly Gregg at the Mothership.

A prototypical 3-4 nose tackle, Gregg gives the Chiefs a much needed veteran presence at a very young position. Kansas City opened training camp with two pure nose tackles Anthony Toribio and rookie Jerrell Powe. Toribio appeared in five games last season and recorded two tackles. Powe was a sixth-round pick in 2011.

Versus when they signed Shaun Smith in March, 2010.

Smith (6-2, 325) has played in 63 games (27 starts) with New Orleans (2004), Cincinnati (2004-06, 2009) and Cleveland (2007-08). He has produced 196 tackles (92 solo), 2.0 sacks (-20.0 yards), three passes defensed and two forced fumbles. Smith registered a career-high 63 tackles (28 solo) with Cleveland in 2007. He has also seen action in two playoff contests with Cincinnati. Smith originally entered the NFL as a rookie free agent with Dallas in 2003 and spent time on the Cowboys practice squad that season.

Josh Looney is the Chiefs voice of the written word. To me, this seems like a ringing endorsement that the Chiefs have found their NT, while when they signed Shaun Smith it was stated that he may contribute there and he mostly played DE.  With Gregg, they called him, "A  Prototypical 3-4 nose tackle."

A lot of fans have said that they think Kelly Gregg could be Shaun Smith's replacement, instead of him being the sole heir to Ron Edwards role, but Josh Looney's words don't play to that.  It is a good thought though, and one that my extreme Chiefs fanatic self hopes is true.  That would mean that the Chiefs are still in the hunt for a NT, and I have heard this Aubrayo Franklin guy might be able to play some NT in the NFL.  We shall see, I hope we find out soon, because the suspense is killing me.  I still believe the Chiefs will sign this guy, and have one of the best DL's in football.  Can you imagine it?  I know that I can.  

"You're killing me Smalls."

If you don't sign with the Chiefs, please do us all a favor and sign somewhere.  Give us a hint, a smoke signal, we can read those at Arrowhead...  Heck, give us a carrier pigeon, or better yet, just one tweet.  Maybe something like, "I love KC B.B.BQ."

We will all know what that means.

Steve Breaston, Steve Breaston, Steve Breaston!

Is this a dream Arrowhead Pride?  Did the Chiefs just go from Bobby Wade and Mark Bradley two years ago to having Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin?  Did they really go from pairing those guys with D-Bowe (look at me I am in Haley's doghouse) to pairing them with Dwayne Bowe (don't look at me, I only score 15 TD's after learning my lessons from the writing on the wall in Haley's doghouse?)

Why yes, yes, I believe they did.

Do you Kansas City Chiefs fans realize the awesome contained within this move.  This is unreal, essentially Pioli and Haley recreated the Kansas City receiver core to potential greatness, to the likes of which we have never seen before in the history of this team.  Oh, and by the way we have the number one rushing attack in the NFL.

Are you kidding me?  Really? Really?  This is actually happening in front of our eyes.  We are in for a treat Kansas City. This is an amazing move, not to mention the fact that Nmandi Asomugha is now an Eagle.   Oops, just mentioned it.

Let's look at the weapons:

Jamaal Charles - 6.4 YPC, a threat to score from anywhere on the field, and one of the best players in the NFL.  Jamaal Charles is simply amazing, he can run,he can catch and with all of the Chiefs weapons, no defense will be able to key in on only him, or they will get burned by one of these guys below.  That is exciting to think about. Get Tambahawking crazy pumped for this Offense Chiefs Fans!

Dwayne Bowe - Mr. Touchdown last year in Kansas City is going to have outstanding talent surrounding him at the other WR spots for the first time in his career.  Also, he will have a QB throwing to him that is coming off a Pro Bowl season for the first time ever.  Dwayne Bowe was focused and determined last season, and has turned into one of the NFL's best receivers before our eyes.  He will be playing for a contract this season as well.  Look for Dwayne Bowe to dominate his one on one match ups.  It should be Incredible, much like Eric Berry is Incredible.

Steve Breaston - Todd Haley called the plays for this guy in his 1000 yard season in 2008.  They are reunited with what appears to be a dominate offensive show in Kansas City thanks to his arrival perfectly filling a need.  When Jamaal sells a play fake and the teams best corners are on Baldwin and Bowe,  Then we will most likely see Steve Breaston streaking down the sideline in a favorable mismatch.  Matt Cassel should spot him, throw the ball up.   TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY!!!!

Jonathan Baldwin - Jon Baldwin is a huge guy, and he is a rookie.  Though this guy was also catching passes in college from a less than stellar QB, to say it in the nicest way possible.  He was a running highlight reel, and he made some incredible catches.  I expect his presence alone will help this team open things for Jamaal Charles to get some big runs.  The Chiefs have so many weapons we are bound to see Matt Cassel throw some balls up to this guy throughout the season on first down, and see what happens.  After all, Matt has applauded Baldwin's work ethic, and they spent some time building WR/QB football chemistry with this crazy offseason, even letting him stay at his own place at one point.  I think it is safe to expect some big plays from the Rookie.

Dexter McCluster - Dexter McCluster can move, we are quick to forget him being so quick last season that he was bursting threw shoes.  Think about that, it takes a big dog a few minutes to chew threw are pair cleats, and this guy is blowing up with his lighting fast feet.  That is just craziness, when he was healthy last year he was scary dynamic. He came back from the injury and was never the same guy, and now some people worry he can't play up to his draft status.  I think he will surprise us all with what he can do this season, he is a great insurance policy for Jamaal Charles, and when the Killer B's aren't grabbing TD's.  I bet we might see the Dex Factor scoring a TD of his own on a screen, reverse, sweep or pitch.  He might even get fancy and run one in for a score after the Chiefs D makes a team punt by going three and out after three sacks in a row. Count them 1. Hali 2. Hali 3. Hali (in the voice of The Count.)

Tony Moeaki -  This guy 'only' had one of the best all around Rookie years for a Tight End ever.  He can catch, he seems clutch and he can block with the best of them.  I can't wait to see what he does this year.  Scott Pioli was brilliant for trading up to get this guy in the 2010 NFL Draft, what a beast.  Okay, so Baldwin, Breaston, Bowe and Charles are all covered on 3rd and goal.  Matt Cassel drops back and throws a fade to a wide open Tony Moeaki in the corner of the endzone.  Is it a touchdown?  You tell me.

Thomas Jones - TJ is back, and I heard he is fat and out of shape for this camp...  Yeah right, again this year the guy is insanely built, and has one of the best work ethics in the NFL.  If you think is this guy hasn't been hearing that people think he is washed up and can't make it through an NFL season anymore at an elite level.  You are probably wrong, something tells me that Thomas Jones is going to be very productive this year in this offense in whatever his different role may be.  Jamaal Charles isn't the only back that is going to benefit from teams not being able to stack the box on 3rd and inches.  I agree that his play tailed off at the end of last season, and I think Charlie Weis was too predictable with his play calling.  Though it ain't the end of the year right now.  He may play like he has something to prove,

Matt Cassel - Cassel is going to be hearing seven different playmaking teammates say this to opponents this season after every other play, "Me and Matt Cassel just fu@ked you up dog!"

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