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Chiefs Pursued Free Agent Linebacker But Lost Out To Saints

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LB Scott Shanle, a 9-year veteran out of Nebraska, re-signed with the New Orleans Saints today. But it turns out, amidst all of the other free agency moves this week, the Kansas City Chiefs were pursuing Shanle. 

Shanle, in a article, said Kansas City pursued and had his interest:

So when the Kansas City Chiefs started showing interest in the 9-year veteran free agent, Shanle listened. Perhaps under appreciated by Saints fans over the past few years, Shanle acknowledged Saturday the allure of his boyhood home was real.

Shanle was one of the Saints' starting outside linebackers on their 2009 Super Bowl team. And that loyalty to New Orleans is ultimately one of the reasons he didn't come to Kansas City:

The Chiefs were close to where I grew up, close to home," he said Saturday. "But I said earlier, playing close to home and friends and family, it wasn't enough compared to what the city (New Orleans) has done for my friends and family over the last five years. The success we've had was something I didn't want to leave.

While Shanle may not be a big name free agent, keep this example in mind when you say to yourself, "The Chiefs aren't making any moves in free agency." Lots of things won't be reported. We just happened to hear about this player interest by the Chiefs because of a random New Orleans article.

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