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Saturday's Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Practice Coverage

The Kansas City Chiefs are taking the field this afternoon at 3 p.m. (CT) for their first practice of the weekend. They do so with, by my count, 75 players on the roster.

Yesterday afternoon, after Brad Cottam was released, the Chiefs had 63 players on the roster. As you may have read here, the Kansas City Chiefs signed ten players last night and two this morning. That should bring the roster count to 75 of the 90 player maximum the Chiefs are allowed during training camp. The team does not have to sign 90 players. That's simply their limit. 

In case you haven't read it yet, make sure you check out AP reader whoadog's recap of yesterday's practice. It's very detailed and something we'd like to have everyday on the site if possible. I know lots of you are in St. Joe checking out camp. Come back to AP when you're done and write up your thoughts. 

Joel is at Missouri Western State's campus this afternoon as well to take in the Chiefs training camp practice.

He'll be tweeting out updates and I've embedded his feed below.


Here are his latest updates:

Joel will be back later with more updates on practice. Stay tuned.

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