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With Kelly Gregg, What's Up With Chiefs, Aubrayo Franklin?

So you know the news by now as the Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with former Baltimore Ravens NT Kelly Gregg. He's 34 years old so that, plus only the one-year deal, suggests this a short-term move for the Chiefs. 

The other nose tackle folks wanted on the free agent market was former San Francisco 49ers NT Aubrayo Franklin. He's 30 years old coming off of one of his best seasons and is top nose tackle on the open market. 

I was going back-and-forth with AP reader kcsno56 via email on this move.  

I said I really liked the move because it gives the Chiefs a short-term fix while still giving rookie NT Jerrell Powe and current NT Anthony Toribio the chance to develop. We know the Chiefs like to develop through the draft so bringing in Gregg on a short-term deal still gives them the chance to do that. While I would certainly enjoy acquiring Franklin, he would be a little more expensive and could take the future away from Powe.

The flip-side of that argument from kcsno56: "I have a hard time thinking the Chiefs long term plans at possibly the most important position on defense are an undrafted guy and a 6th rounder." He wonders if Gregg turns out to be a defensive end in the Chiefs 3-4 defense as well as the backup plan at nose tackle. In that scenario, the Chiefs could still bring in Franklin as a long-term solution.

So what do we think? Does this signing spell the end of the Aubrayo Franklin talk in KC?

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