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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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Football is back everyone!  I'm sure most of you already know that.  This has been a crazy week and more than a lot of news to sort through.  I went through all the news yesterday and was hard at work.  Then my wife dragged me off to go shopping.  It was too hot and all I wanted to do is watch NFL Network all day.  I'm sure there will be some news later on that we didn't expect.

If you were busy or couldn't keep up with the news then please follow along.  There are some stories that you might have missed throughout the bigger stories.  There are as always some amazing fanposts and fanshots.  I also have a story from a year ago.  Amazing how much has changed.

Five Biggest Stories

1. Welcome Back Football

Yes!  This is what we have all be waiting for.  I am so glad that training camp is going on and we have our Chiefs back.  I'm thinking about going to camp on the 3rd.  So if anyone is going to be there then it would be cool to talk and have a beer or something.  Go Chiefs!

2. Kansas City Chiefs Release G Brian Waters

This has been one of the most upsetting releases I've seen in a while.  Waters has been a great Chief for so many years.  One of the most classy and a true leader.  He will be missed by not only me but by many.  Good luck in whatever you do Mr. Waters.

3. Report: Steve Breaston To The Chiefs On Five Year Deal

This is official and I couldn't be happier.  We need even more weapons on offense.  Breaston can work on the outside or the inside.  It will be great to see what will happen when Bowe isn't double teamed every time Cassel throws him the ball.  I think we are set at the WR Position for a while.

4. Chiefs Lose Ron Edwards To The Panthers

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this move.  Now, it might be in our best interest since we now have Gregg to help fill the void.  Edwards was a solid player for us but was getting too old.  Our line is pretty young and will only get better.  I wish you the best of luck Edwards!

5. Terrance Copper Returning To Chiefs With Three-Year Deal

I think that Copper is a beast at special teams play.  He also made a few crazy grabs in a couple of games.  Special teams should never be overlooked and I'm grateful to have a player like this on our team.  I've seen a few people comment about how they could care less about Copper or McGraw.  That is just shame because these guys are a part of the right 53.  Special teams is just another aspect of the game we love and players who excel at that part are a big factor on any team.

In Case You Missed It...

1. Ramblings of an Idiot: Happy and Busy Days Are Here Again!

This is a good post by our very own Texas Chief.  It was kind of buried under all the free agent news though.  Yes, I think that NFL Football Sunday should be a national holiday!  I'm glad that football is back like the rest of you crazy kids.

2. Five Years Of Arrowhead Pride

Wow, I've been a part of AP for just about 2 years now so hopefully I'm out of the noob status.  This is one of the best sports blog on the net.  I'm so happy to be a front page contributor even if it is just recapping weekly.  I am also glad for all of you that I talk to.  I consider you guys my Chiefs family and here is to another 5 years and beyond!

3. Kansas City Chiefs Officially Sign 10 Undrafted Free Agents

Wow, 10 seems like a lot and I can't wait to see what these guys can do.  If even a couple of these guys work out and contribute right away then I'll be happy.  I wonder how many camp stories we will hear about these guys?

Fanpost Of The Week

A Chief In Donkeyland by upamtn

Thanks for sharing with us upamtn!  You always have great stories/pictures/comments for everyone.  I joke but seriously, you look younger than you really are.  Keep posting old man.

Fanshot Of The Week

Eric Berry’s New Adidas Commericial posted by oldchiefsfan

This was something that I thought was pretty cool.  It at least took away from all the free agency chaos if you needed a little break.  Thanks for posting oldchiefsfan!

A Year Ago...

Chiefs Get 3rd Round Pick Jon Asamoah Signed, Only Eric Berry Remains

This was a year ago from yesterday.  Now looking back I see that Jon is going to be a bigger part of this team especially after Waters is now gone.  It is just beyond crazy how much a year can do for a young time.  This time last year very few thought we could go .500 let alone get to the playoffs.

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