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Chiefs Website Has A Few New Jersey Numbers Listed

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[Update: All numbers have been assigned.]

The Kansas City Chiefs official website lists the jersey numbers for some of the new rookies coming to town. Seven Eight All nine of the Chiefs draft picks have numbers assigned, per the Chiefs official site, as do a number of the undrafted free agents.

It's not all of them yet so there's a few more to come.

Noteworthy: TE Charlie Gantt gets No. 88.

Here's the new numbers so far:

Draft picks

DE Allen Bailey - 71

WR Jonathan Baldwin - 89

FB Shane Bannon - 40

CB Jalil Brown - 30

LB Justin Houston - 50

LB Gabe Miller - 51

DT Jerrell Powe - 95

QB Ricky Stanzi - 13

C Rodney Hudson - 61

Undrafted free agents

OT David Mims - 70 (0)

OT Mike Ingersoll - 77

DE Brandon Bair - 90

TE Charlie Gantt -- 88

OL Chris Harr - 60 (O)

LB Amara Kamara 60 (D)

OL Butch Lewis - 79

DL Luke Patterson - 68

WR Josue Paul - 9

CB Demond Washington - 32