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Shaun Smith Says He's Going To The Titans

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It's been a rough 12 hours for Kansas City Chiefs fans. Brian Waters is released and now this -- Shaun Smith says he's going to the Tennessee Titans.

Here's what he said on Twitter (edited for clarity): "Shout out to Chiefs nation, red and yellow and all of the fans in Kansas City, I dearly miss you guys but I had to make a serious decision and I am going to the Titans."

The now former Chiefs defensive tackle was picked up in March 2010 and turned out to be one of the Chiefs top two defensive linemen last year.

But he's leaving KC now and there will be a lot of unhappy fans over this. I know he was one of the guys the fan base wanted to keep because he had a personality that made him fun to follow and added a spark to the defense last year.

It'll be interesting to see what the story is with his deal in Tennessee. The Chiefs were reportedly negotiating with Smith on a new deal so the Titans must have upped the ante. 

Throughout the offseason, Smith interacted with Chiefs fans on Twitter and made it pretty clear he wanted to be in KC. It would appear he did what most of us would do -- go for the money.

He also said of his time in KC (again, edited for clarity): "I will miss Arrowhead, my teammates and the bond I had with ya'll in Kansas City. Ya'll are some true fans. Thanks for everything. Ya'll are in my heart ."

It's Game Time.

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