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Checking Back In On The Aubrayo Franklin Market

One thing I've noticed every year during free agency is that nearly every fan base has a group of folks wanting their team to sign whatever the big-name free agent is. So when you hear Kansas City Chiefs fans saying they want Aubrayo Franklin, remember they're not alone. A lot of fans do.

That said, it does seem those around the league think Franklin will indeed land in Kansas City. This is far from hard news but NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports:

It's clear that teams have been hesitant to wade in too deeply to this point. Jenkins is being pursued by Dallas and New Orleans, according to league sources, while Franklin is expected by many to land in Kansas City. Seattle has put offers in front of Mebane before and after the lockout, but nothing is imminent at this point.

La Canfora could be simply reading the tea leaves here because, with the lack of news surrounding Franklin, it seems no one really knows what's going on.

But it appears we're not the only ones who think KC has a shot at Franklin. We shall see...

(H/T jsChiefs23)

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