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Kansas City Chiefs Free Agency Grades

We've had some Kansas City Chiefs free agency rumors. The Chiefs have signed a free agent and brought back a few more of their own guys. They signed a draft pick. Tendered a few restricted free agents.

For those moves, the Kansas City Chiefs free agency grades are sitting around a B. We asked fans last night to grade the Chiefs in free agency and the results are as follows: A (31%), B (45%), C (17%), D (3%) and F (1%). 

So an A or a B are the most popular moves and I've have to agree. I'd stick with a B right now because we don't know where they stand with a number of their own free agents. Obviously, if the Chiefs don't bring back a guy like, say DT Shaun Smith, my free agency grade for them will take a hit.

So Steve Breaston, talking about re-signing DT Shaun Smith, losing Ron Edwards to the Panthers...I'd say that translates to about a B. I like most of it so far but they still have work to do.

Remember, we're just two days into this pre-free agency period so the Chiefs have plenty of time to turn this week into a consensus A but also enough time to totally screw it up.

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