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More Chiefs Talk And A New Record

So I made by Between The Lines debut with Kevin Kietzmann on 810 WHB this afternoon and it looks like they've rolled out the audio of our segment.

Have a listen to it here.

(If I tell you now that I say "you know" a lot during the interview, you'll notice I say it like a 175 times. Please don't mock me.)

It's about 25 minutes long and we hit on all the big topics -- biggest needs, free agent targets and whether the Chiefs are going to be making any big moves this week. You'll have to listen through to the end to hear my AFC West prediction.

It's also a good time to announce that we've set our new single-day traffic record thanks to people actually caring about football again. I thought we broke the record yesterday with 168,000 page views but Chris reminded me we had 188,000 on the second day of the draft last April. Today, though, we embarrassed both those numbers -- 205,000 and counting.

For that, we thank you.

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