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Chiefs' Casey Wiegmann Gets A Pay Raise

Employees of the Kansas City Chiefs got a pay raise after the NFL lockout ended and so did C Casey Wiegmann. The 37-year old center got a bump in pay this season to the tune of a half million bucks.

Adam Caplan of FOX Sports reports Wiegmann received $2.5 million on his one-year deal with the Chiefs. His one-year contract last year was worth just $2 million. The deal won't become official until he can sign on Friday night at 5:00 p.m. (Arrowhead time). 

The lockout probably didn't hurt his leverage. No offseason workouts means the coaching staff probably wanted to go with a proven option they know will work. For the Chiefs, that's Wiegmann. 

So, if you look at it this way: 37-year old Wiegmann is worth more than 36-year old Wiegmann. Weird how that works out.

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