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Chiefs Believed To Be Front-Runners For WR Steve Breaston

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So I just wrote a post saying we need to slow down on expecting a lot from the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency these first couple days.

Forget that for a minute because we have some Steve Breaston news. According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Breaston is not going to re-sign with the Cardinals. Per the report, the Chiefs are believed to be the front-runner for Breaston right now.

First things first -- a lot of things can change and this is far from official.

That said, the move makes sense on a number of levels. The Chiefs have the money to spend, Todd Haley is familiar with him and they could use a third receiver. Lots of reasons for this to happen.

We'll see where the Breaston story goes from here but I hope it doesn't turn out like the last Cardinals receiver they tried to acquire.

(H/T ChiefMizzou09)