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Slow Down On The Chiefs Slow Free Agency Talk

We're about 36 hours into the start of the 2011 NFL free agency season and the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to make a big splash in free agent. Rumors have connected them to a couple of players and they've agreed to terms with a few of their own free agents.

Other than that? Not much from GM Scott Pioli and Co. 

I've got a few reactions to this...

First, we knew this was coming. I've sat in Pioli's office before and heard him talk about the "crazy money" spent in the first couple days of free agency. Hitting free agency early and often simply isn't his style because you tend to pay a premium for players when everyone's scrambling at the start.

Second, we still don't know what's coming down the pipe. Are the Chiefs talking to NT Aubrayo Franklin? What about WR Steve Breaston? One of those guys could change your mind on the slow start to Chiefs free agency. We're just not privy to all the negotiations Pioli is having. I'd also imagine they prefer the agents and players to keep things under wraps until it can become official on Friday night.

Third, the Chiefs really don't have a ton of needs, if you think about it. Sure, they have needs at certain positions but in most of those places they also have a younger player waiting in the wings (like NT Jerrell Powe). It's a tricky formula to find the sweet spot of giving your young player time to develop and finding a fair deal for a veteran free agent to bridge the gap before that young player is ready.

Yeah, it seems a little slow, but this is the way the Chiefs do things. We know that. It worked last season so I can't complain a whole lot.

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