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Kansas City Chiefs Free Agency Update

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NFL free agency is moving right along so I figured it's time to get another update in on where the Kansas City Chiefs stand right now in free agency. 

Here's your mid-afternoon update on what the Chiefs are doing in free agency:

Unrestricted free agents reportedly agreed to terms: C Casey Wiegmann, WR Terrance Copper, CB Travis Daniels, S Jon McGraw.

Unrestricted free agents remaining: DE Shaun Smith, LB Charlie Anderson, RB Jackie Battle, FB Tim Castille, OT Ryan O'Callaghan, LB Corey Mays, TE Leonard Pope, C Rudy Niswanger and QB Brodie Croyle.

Unrestricted free agents lost to another team: NT Ron Edwards (Panthers)

Other free agency rumors and reports: DE Wallace Gilberry plans to sign his tender, Chiefs trying to re-sign DE Shaun Smith, Chiefs and WR Steve Breaston may be close to a deal, DE Jason Babin says Chiefs are showing interest in him and the 49ers are prepared to lose NT Aubrayo Franklin.