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Chiefs Lose Ron Edwards To The Panthers

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Uh-oh. The Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle position will look different in the 2011-12 season. The KC Star's Adam Teicher reports NT Ron Edwards agreed to a three-year deal with the Carolina Panthers.

[Update: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports it's three years, $8.25 million.]

This brings about a myriad of questions for the team.

Did the Chiefs try to re-sign him? Were they out-bid? Do they have another free agency plan at nose tackle?

To me, this is a surprising move. I figured with the lockout taking up the entire offseason that someone like Edwards would be a no-brainer to come back to town. The Chiefs drafted NT Jerrell Powe but it's far from certain that he'll be a capable contributor in 2011 considering the team hasn't even seen him yet.

The Chiefs may now be in the market for a nose tackle. Teicher also reported the Chiefs are trying to re-sign Shaun Smith, who has some nose tackle experience, so that's an option, but I wonder if they have their eye on anyone in free agency.

Our first big Chiefs free agency surprise. Stay tuned to see what happens next. I'm hoping GM Scott Pioli has a plan for this.

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