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Ending Some Rumors: Santana Moss Returns To Redskins

Throughout the day I've noticed a number of folks on Twitter and around the web wondering if the Kansas City Chiefs were interested in free agent WR Santana Moss. (What is it with us Chiefs fans getting obsessed with receivers?)

It even got the mysterious label that the Chiefs were rumored to be interested in him with no reports to support that they were, you know, actually interested in him.

We can go ahead and end that rumor now -- Moss re-signed with the Washington RedskinsThis coming from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

So if we're looking for free agency rumors involving the Chiefs, one of our only hopes is Arizona Cardinals WR Steve Breaston. There's nothing solid connecting Breaston to the Chiefs except the usual "Todd Haley knows him" angle. 

So we'll have to continue to wait to see whether the Chiefs make any moves at receiver. What we do know is that Moss isn't coming to KC.

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