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Chiefs Undrafted Free Agent List Grows

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Pretty fast and furious today, right?

We've got another rumored undrafted free agent pick-up by the Kansas City Chiefs: Michigan State TE Charlie Gantt. This is according to a number of reports on Twitter

Gantt is a 6'5", 260 pound senior out of Lansing. Our Michigan State blog, The Only Colors, had this to say about Gantt after the 2011 NFL Combine:

For teams who need a solid No. 2 TE in goal line situations, he's a perfect fit. Put him on the backside, have him seal that weak side edge on running plays or he can occasionally slide out and pick up an easy touchdown on a delay or drag route. With his size, he's a natural for this role.

With that blocking tight end point being made, Gantt isn't a bad receiver at all. He had 24, 22 and 19 catches respectively in his final three seasons at Michigan State. He could be another Leonard Pope type as I see it - Basically a guy who isn't exceptional at passing or blocking but could still have the raw skills to develop into a good NFL player.

That makes eight total signings we've heard about, all unofficial of course: Auburn CB Demond Washington, Virginia Union OT David Mims, Tennessee-Chattanooga OL Chris Harr, Texas A&M DT/DE Lucas Patterson, UNC OT Mike Ingersoll, Central Connecticut WR Josue Paul, Oregon DT Brandon Bair and now Michigan State TE Charlie Gantt.