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Chiefs Learn Hard Part Of Undrafted Free Agent Signings

This isn't Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli's first rodeo so I imagine he's seen just about every scenario possible in the NFL at some point or another.

That includes getting spurned by undrafted free agents.

Pioli spoke to the media on Tuesday morning and when talking about undrafted free agency he noted that there are always "brush fires" the team needs to deal with when going through the UDFA process. For example, a player verbal commits to a team, like the Chiefs, only to change his mind later that night and go to another team.

Pioli and head coach Todd Haley hinted that a scenario like that played out on Monday night. After Pioli talked about keeping the Chiefs front office away from chaos in times like this, Haley interjected and said:

"The only chaotic stuff when a player tells you, 'Yeah I'd like to sign with you,' and a minute later you call the agent and he says, 'Well he signed with Green Bay 20 minutes ago.'

That's probably why the Chiefs don't release the names of these UDFAs until ink hits paper. So much can change so quickly.

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