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Chiefs' Clark Hunt Likens NFL Free Agency To 'Speed-Dating'

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt went on the Jim Rome show this afternoon talking about the return of football. Because it's a national show, Hunt talked mostly about the labor negotiations between the owners and players.

But he did speak in general terms about the return to football and what we can expect over these next 10 "chaotic" days.

"The amount of business that has to take place in the next 10 days is really incredible. I know that, in speaking to our staff, that they're very excited to have the opportunity to sign players but also very daunted by the task before them as they have to sign some 35 or 40 players so we can get to camp with a full roster."

Hunt had the best description of what we're going to see in free agency this year -- speed dating.

"I do think the discussions are going to be much quicker," Hunt said of the free agency process. "In a normal offseason, there's a courting process that goes on with the players but that won't be possible. It's almost like speed-dating in that discussions are going to have to happen in a very compressed period."

He says if a player isn't interested, the Chiefs will have to move on quicker than in previous years. That oughta make things interesting this week as Pioli is not just hitting veteran free agency but signing draft picks and filling out the training camp roster.

Should be fun....for us at least.

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