Free agency breakdown

FIVE BUY-LOW OPPORTUNITIES Tommie Harris was once the league's most dominant defensive tackle. The Bears benched him last season and released him before the lockout. The old Tommie Harris is probably gone, but a team with a great medical staff and low expectations might be able to get 20 very good snaps a game out of him. FIVE VETERANS WITH SOMETHING LEFT IN THE TANK Pat Williams took a step backwards at 37 last season, but it was from very lofty heights; Minnesota still ranked eighth against the run by DVOA, and Williams still contributed seven tackles for a loss or no gain. Some smart team is going to bring him in and spot his snaps effectively, and they'll get a great run-stuffing tackle as a result. TIER 4 — The likely-to-be-average players with some upside. Jermon Bushrod is the first of several left tackle options on the market. Having started 30 games over the past two years in one of the league's best offenses, the 26-year-old should seemingly rate out as a prime talent, but the Saints succeed in spite of Bushrod, not because of him. Drew Brees makes him look good with great footwork and a lightning release that keeps opposing pass-rushers away. Consider that Bushrod allowed four sacks and 14 quarterback hurries last season with his blown blocks. Bushrod is likely to be a disappointment in his next stop. TIER 2 — The borderline Pro Bowlers. Aubrayo Franklin, DT. Why: Because he doesn't rush the passer or accrue stats in his role as the nose tackle in the 3-4, Franklin has flown under the national radar. He lacks the elite athleticism of Haloti Ngata or the massive frame of Albert Haynesworth, but no interior lineman in football is better at reading blocking schemes and manipulating the offensive front. It's safe to say that he's popular with his teammates; as Willis noted during the 2010 offseason, "I pray to God they keep Aubrayo." A great article that covers all the big names in free agency with alot of good info. It even has a piece on our own Shaun Smith under the headline "Five bandwagons to jump off"