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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/26

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Your fearless Arrowheadlines leader, NJ Chiefs Fan, is on the road this week so I will be stepping in. That means Arrowheadlines will be up later and it won't have as many stories. Sorry -- NJ Chiefs Fan set the bar too damn high. Enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs stories.

Clark Hunt is apologizing to you.

The Chiefs chairman and CEO is sorry, he says, and he is speaking for the other 31 heads of NFL teams, too. They all made mistakes. He did, the other owners did, the players did. Everyone did.

There are wounded relationships, and even if no games will be missed, Hunt is taking this week's celebration in the context that it never should have gone this far.

With the NFL back, Chiefs owner feels contrite but content | Kansas City Star

With no delay expected and a full camp coming to St. Joseph, Western couldn't be more ready. There will just be a few more days to wait and a chance to tie up any remaining loose ends."As of today, I would characterize us as 95 percent ready," Mr. Nicoson said. 

Chiefs could arrive Thursday | St. Joe News-Press
On Monday, the Chiefs and the rest of the league began the process of trying to make peace with the fans who buy tickets, consume concessions and purchase merchandise - and make certain those fans will continue opening their wallets to watch the NFL. Those are the same fans who sat through a 136-day lockout, with no promise of football, as players and owners haggled over how $9 billion in total revenue would be divided.
Chiefs aren't wasting time getting back to business | Kansas City Star
With everything happening so quickly, let's make sense of the Chiefs in-house free agent situation going forward. There were several changes in status from what we'd expected prior to terms of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement going public. We'll start with Kansas City's restricted free agents.
Making sense of the Chiefs free agents |

There are enough free agents out there to start a decent expansion team, and The Star has selected its All-Free Agent team that is headlined by the most coveted cornerback out there, Oakland's Nnamdi Asomugha.

Chiefs should be players in free-agent frenzy | Kansas City Star

The most unusual time in pro football history - heck, maybe the history of American professional sports - will begin Tuesday morning when NFL teams can reopen their facilities to their players. That will happen at the Truman Sports Complex at 9 o'clock, as players can report for physicals, voluntary strength and conditioning and meetings with coaches.  

Gentleman, start your wallets... |

Perhaps the one factor that makes Barnett to the Chiefs a win-win is the Chiefs need to spend money and the Packers need to shed it. The Chiefs have well over $30 million to spend and linebacker is a spot of need. The move for Barnett would fill a hole without having to worry about other suitors. It's uncertain what the package would have to be, but perhaps a fourth or fifth round choice in 2012 would be enough to get a deal finished.

Why the Chiefs should trade for Packers LB Nick Barnett | SB Nation Kansas City
Santana Moss had one of the best years of his career last season as he spent more time playing in the slot than he ever had before. The Chiefs could use the tools and talent that Moss possesses to mesh perfectly with the big bodied-Jon Baldwin and Dwayne Bowe. Moss has a connection with new Chiefs quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn from Zorn's head coaching days in Washington. All accounts were that Moss and Zorn got along well and that Moss was a defender of Zorn's tumultuous time with the Redskins.
Chiefs dream scenario is WR Santana Moss, NT Aubrayo Franklin and FB Le'Ron McClain | SB Nation Kansas City
"It was so touching when I was here June 22," Holthus said later of the Chiefs' trip to Joplin one month after the tornado. Front-office personnel, players and cheerleaders did volunteer work in the morning, then spoke with area residents and signed autographs for two hours.

"There were so many stories," he said. "The kids kept coming and kept coming and kept coming. On the bus ride back, I didn't say a word. I was so moved I said, ‘I've got to come back.' "
Kansas City volunteers vow to return | Joplin Globe

It also makes me wonder what will happen in the next few days to the free agents. If it is true that there are teams out there that have to spend $30M, $20M, $10M, then isn't it logical to think they are going to grab the free agents as quickly as they can. And, wouldn't there be a bidding war on them among the teams with excess cap room?

What does NFL agreement mean for KC? | Upon Further Review

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