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Undrafted Free Agent Signings Are Starting

Looks like Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli will be working late tonight. The league is telling teams that they can talk to undrafted free agents tonight but can't officially sign them until Tuesday. Still, talking to these undrafted players and convincing them to come play for your team is half the battle so the recruiting battle will start tonight.

That more than likely means that Pioli is working the phones in order to help get the Chiefs up to 90 players for training camp later this week. I would guess (and could be wrong) that the Chiefs have a good list of UDFAs they'd like to sign. I'd also guess that those players know what the market (signing bonus) is for their services.

The Chiefs have already made it known to some UDFAs that they'd like to have them in KC. For example, before the draft ended last April, the Chiefs told Hawaii OL Laupepa Letuli via email that they'd sign him if he weren't drafted. They also expressed a lot of interest in Oregon DT Brandon Bair.

With these UDFAs, you also have to remember that money isn't their only motivation. They also want to find a team that gives them the best shot at earning a roster spot so a position like offensive tackle, where KC only has three players under contract, could be particularly attractive for these guys.

Check out our last chart of the Chiefs draft interests from way back in April. You'll probably see a name or two on there that the Chiefs will ultimately sign.

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