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Your First Chiefs Training Camp Weather Report Of The Year


I already know what the worst part of the NFL lockout was -- I couldn't provide my weekly (and sometimes bi- and tri-weekly) weather reports.

Good news weather fans -- your weather reports are back.

We don't yet have an official start date for Kansas City Chiefs training camp but the smart money is on Thursday, July 28. The forecast for that day, as you can see in the chart above, is known in weather circles as "hot as hell."

So basically this weather will give everyone a chance to recognize me at camp this weekend. I'll be the guy who looked like he swam there and is acting all self-conscious about it even though everyone else is sweating out their shirts, too.

Luckily, things will cool down on Friday with some rain (which is actually worse when you factor in the humidity) and then we're back to that "hot as hell" weather category.

That's OK. I can live with it. We're back to football, after all.

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