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Kansas City Chiefs To Reimburse Employees For NFL Lockout Pay Cuts

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Way back around the time the 2011 NFL Lockout began, we posted a story (as reported by the KC Star) detailing the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the NFL teams that were cutting their employees salaries during the lockout.

This is what Joel said back on March 2nd:

A few of the keys are that the salary reduction would be tiered so that the highest salaried folks -- likely Pioli and Haley -- would receive the highest reduction, no one will be laid off and the money will be paid back if there is a full 2011 season (it's unclear if "full" includes preseason). The average reduction will be less than 10 percent.

The bold section is my emphasis and I'm sure you can guess why. According the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger and confirmed by a Chiefs spokesperson to Arrowhead Pride, the Chiefs are planning on reimbursing all employee's for their salary reductions during the NFL Lockout.

Mellinger also tweeted, "Also, everyone gets 3% raises retro to March 1."

So, after a week of cheap Chiefs stories, we have another example of the Kansas City Chiefs' brass getting it right. I know this was the plan before hand - reimburse employees if there was a full season - but it's nice to see in practice.

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