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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp May Be A Week Away

NFL players and owners are close to a deal that would end the NFL lockout and open the league year. ESPN has reported on a possible timeline of the post-lockout schedule that has training camps starting on Wednesday for some teams, and on Friday for the rest of the teams.

CBS Sports Mike Freeman is reporting on a different timeline. Per Freeman, the new proposal includes a stipulation that the league year would begin five days after the deal is ratified and training camps would open seven days after it's done.

So if the players' approve the deal on Monday, July 25, under Freeman's timeline the league year would open on Saturday, July 30, and training camps would open on Monday, Aug. 1. Freeman's deadline means the Chiefs would have about a four-day delay to the start of camp.

I'm assuming this timeline is based on when the players vote on the deal -- not when the union cards are signed, sealed and delivered because that could take a few more days.

We should have some solid information on the post-lockout schedule sometime on Monday or Tuesday when the deal is voted on and recommended by the players. For now, consider this informed speculation.

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