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NFL Lockout Talks See 'Major Progress'

Over the last several weeks we heard various reports of "significant progress" being made in the NFL lockout talks between the owners and players. We even heard reports that last Thursday would possibly be the final day of the lockout.

As you know already, last Thursday was not the final day. The NFL lockout continues. But it wouldn't be the lockout without reports of "major progress" being made.

So, today, we present to you another report from the four letter network that there has been "major progress" in the talks between the owners and players as they tie up the final loose ends.

According to Chris Mortensen, the players could vote on the new deal on Monday which would be a major step to ending the lockout.

That makes me wonder if the timeline of re-opening the league laid out by Roger Goodell last week -- training camps and free agency could start on Wednesday -- is still intact. Or whether we'll see a delayed timeline where those start on, for example, Friday.

Let's hope this "major progress" is nothing like the previous reports of "major progress" and it actually results in football.

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