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Friday Night Open Thread

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We're on the cusp, precipice, edge or whatever of the end of the 2011 NFL Lockout. Joel and I will be hanging around this weekend, keeping an eye on things and making sure you're all updated.

The NFL Lockout progress alone should make most people's victory of the week but I'll go in a different direction for mine. I spend basically all of my time in DC either working at the SBN HQ or at home.  

So my victory of the week is getting two (business) trips finalized for next month: New York and Las Vegas. NYC will be a day trip but I will get to meet back up with Joel in Vegas for a few days while we take care of some business out there. The weather won't improve (hell, it will probably be worse) but getting out of your town makes up for those shortcomings I believe. 

So, yeah, two trips out of town and a chance to see little brother. Huge victories!

What is your victory of the week?

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