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Chances Of Chiefs Training Camp Getting Delayed

We're still not sure what will happen with training camp for not only the Kansas City Chiefs but the rest of the NFL. The owners and players remain in a state of limbo as the current proposal is reviewed.

Dan Nicoson, acting AD of Missouri Western State University, which will host the Chiefs training camp, suggested to Lance Snow of KQTV that camp could be delayed if an agreement isn't reached, um, this morning.

"If they get an agreement on Thursday or early Friday morning, yes, they will be here on time or very nearly on time. If that gets delayed, then we'll start pushing the start of camp back, but I believe as long as there's at least a couple of weeks left of camp, they'll be here."

So by the timeline laid out by Nicoson, camp will more than likely be delayed because it doesn't appear an agreement will come down today. He also notes that, as long as there are "at least a couple of weeks" remaining in camp, the Chiefs would be there so that suggests a camp start date as late as the first week of August.

Maybe things change and the Chiefs can get to camp quicker but with each passing the day the likelihood of a delayed camp increases.

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