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Sounds Like Training Camp, Roster Changes Are Coming

For those of you that are disappointed about the topic of this post, don't worry. We'll be getting back to the NFL lockout talk soon enough.

To take our minds off the insanity that is the lockout right now, I wanted to detail a few of the proposed changes that have been floating around.

This is all unofficial (and stuff we've already talked about for the most part) coming from media leaks of what the new deal could look like.

Active game day rosters could expand to 46 players. Previously, this was at 45 players but you could have a third quarterback. There were rules regarding when that third quarterback could enter the game and all that but there will no longer be a third quarterback designation. It will simply be 46 active players on game day. I don't see much of a change here.

Training camps could expand to 90 players. It sounds like this is happening as well. This wil give teams an opportunity to find more diamonds in the rough but in 2011 it won't be incredibly useful as I would guess most teams will be more focused on getting the top 53 players ready in such a short amount of time.

Most two-a-days could be eliminated. We haven't heard many details on this but apparently most or all of the two-a-day padded practices could be wiped away. The second session could be a no-pads affair. Ryan Lilja didn't sound too heart-broken about this while speaking on 810 WHB Friday morning.

Teams can only practice in pads one day a week during the regular season. They can only practice in pads in three of the final five weeks. Can't imagine Todd Haley is a big fan of this.

Predictions on which one of these changes have the biggest affect? I think they're all relatively minor.

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