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Chiefs Player Rep Hasn't Seen Owners Proposal

Kansas City Chiefs player rep Rudy Niswanger talked to Bob Fescoe on 610 Sports bright and early this morning and said, despite all the noise coming from the players, he doesn't know if the owners' proposal to the players to end the NFL lockout is a good deal.

That's because he hasn't even seen the proposal.

"I wanted to clarify it: I'm not saying it's a bad deal," Niswanger said on 610 Sports. "What I'm saying is I don't know. I haven't seen it. It very well could be a great deal for both sides, something everyone ratifies, we do a settlement with, and go into the whole process from there. It very well could be. I'm not saying it's not. What I'm saying is I haven't seen it and that's the bottom line. I can't say whether it's good or bad because I just don't know."

So, when will they get see the deal?

"I would make the assumption that our counsel already has it as of late last night," Niswanger told Fescoe and Josh Klingler. "Again, that's a total assumption but that would be my assumption. I don't think the owners are purposefully trying to put this off and make it look like the players are just stalling. I truly believe that's not what they're doing. I believe that it's there, it's probably already there, and we had guys analyzing last night and today."

When will the players discuss the owners' proposal?

"I'll make the assumption we have a call later on in the day," he said. "I don't know those things but that would be my assumption, good or bad, that we'll have a call today."

What about the actual vote on the proposal?

"I just don't know," he said. "I can't say that because, as I said as of 8:45 p.m. last night, I don't know what is going on. I would assume, at the very least, we'll get together and discuss the deal if we have it and my assumption is if we discussed it, and we were at a point where we understood it appropriately, then we would take a vote on whether we would recommend this to the full class of players. That's my understanding but I'll say it again that it's just a guess because I haven't seen it."

So it sounds like the next step is for the players to actually see the deal, get on the horn and talk about it and then take a vote on whether they'll approve it.

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