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Chiefs Free Agency Will Be 'Exciting' And 'Chaotic', Clark Hunt Says


Whenever this NFL lockout finally ends and we start talking about a firm date for the start of free agency, we'll be entering a period no one involved with the NFL has ever really been through before. Free agency usually starts in March and continues through the summer so what we'll be doing is taking what was four months of free agency action and cramming it all into a week.

Yeah, it'll be a little crazy with all the movement that's expected to happen. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt told 810 WHB Kevin Kietzmann on Thursday night that he expects the free agency period to be "very, very exciting" and "chaotic" whenever it opens.

"I think it'll be a very, very exciting period and a very chaotic period. I've been working with Scott to get prepared for it because when that window does open there's going to be so much business that has to take place. The teams that are better prepared are the ones that are going to come out on top and I have complete confidence that Scott and his team will be at the forefront and will continue todo the good job he's doing building the Kansas City Chiefs into a championship team."

I hope so. I hope all the activity doesn't distract the Chiefs too much and they're still able to get all the business done that they need to.

Hunt also told Kietzmann that the circumstances won't change the Chiefs approach to free agency.

"Our approach won't change just because of the circumstance we're in this year," Hunt continued, "it'll continue to be a mix of adding good young players, which we thought we did through the draft, and then there are players who weren't drafted, and then I would expect there will be a number of free agents, both our own and other folks' free agents that will get hard consideration."

The philosophies stay the same but, instead of having March, April, June and July to prepare, the Chiefs will have a week or two.

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