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Is The NFL Lockout Over? Depends Who You Ask

The NFL lockout is not over -- officially, at least. But from the owners perspective it's basically done (as evidenced by Clark Hunt's statement on Thursday night). The owners approved their proposal to the players on Thursday night but there's some confusion as to when the players will vote and how they'll vote. 

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports there are a few final details to hammer out before the players will vote. Nevertheless, that vote can still go down on Friday. Football fans should be hoping it does, and hoping they approve because we'll be talking football this weekend if they do.

If the players vote to approve the deal, and the two sides have a plan to handle the timeline of the union's recertification, then we could see Chiefs players pulling up to the facility on Saturday. We could see the Chiefs start signing their own guys and negotiating with free agents. By next Wednesday, free agency would start and very quickly after that we could see training camp.

We think the deal will ultimately get done but there are still some details to figure out from the players perspective. They could get it figured out and vote today or there could be another hang-up and this is pushed back later in the weekend. We don't know.

But I do think you should probably be sticking around Arrowhead Pride over the next few days. We'll be "working" for most of the weekend and it could be an exciting one.

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