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Because The NFL Lockout Is The Topic Of The Day...

More NFL lockout talk...only because it's (supposedly) getting so close.

First, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith held a press conference in front of the NFLPA headquarters in Washington D.C. He spoke for just a couple of minutes and didn't take questions. The main point of emphasis is that the decision to re-unionize will be one the players take very seriously. As some who know better about this topic have said, the decision to go back to a union should be a no-brainer.

Second, we have a Scott Pioli sighting. This came across on Twitter a couple hours ago from CSNNE reporter Michael Giardi:

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli walked out with his travel bag alongside. No doubt headed over to the Westin for rules seminar, should it get there.

Let's hope it gets there. If the deal goes through, club executives like Pioli will have a seminar on the nuts and bolts of the new CBA.

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